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G-AMSV Returns to Coventry

An old friend returned to Coventry yesterday when G-AMSV, in her striking Indian Air force livery, landed here for extensive maintenance by our engineers. Sierra Victor was part of the Air Altantique fleet here for many years. She'll...

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Baginton Air Pageant

The initial details for the Baginton Air Pageant are up on the website! As we don't have the space for a full-on air show attracting 20,000 or so people, we're aiming for low-key, themed days like this. A couple of thousand people,...

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Newquay Pleasure flights

We promised we'd be back to fly in Cornwall, and here we are. We'll be heading south with a Rapide and Chipmunk to spend a week at Newquay from 25th July, with a further visit planned in August. The flights are bookable in the normal...

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New Dakota Book

Geoff Jones just told me that his new book on the DC-3, released to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Dak's appearance, is now available. The cover sports a lovely shot of G-ANAF, shot by Simon Westwood before her radome goiter was...

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Nimrod Engine Run

We've just confirmed plans by NPT to run all four of the Nimrod's Rolls-Royce Speys on Saturday 9th May. We expect the thunder to start just after lunchtime. Come along and enjoy some audio power - and please dip into your pockets...

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Your chance to own and fly a rare classic

As our founder, Mike Collett, makes his plans for retirement it's time for us to open the door to proposals for the active future of some of our treasures. It begins with the auction of five aircraft at the Goodwood Revival on 12/13 September. However, we'd also be very interested to hear from parties or organisations with a viable plan for keeping our other aircraft flying and in the public eye for future generations.

If you have a genuine interest in owning and flying the initial five aircraft for auction, or would like to discuss your suggestions for taking on other airframes from our collection then please click here to e-mail Sue Hawkins and Ben Cox.

Vampire G-HELV for sale

de Havilland Vampire G-HELV

Delivered to de Havilland on 29 January 1958, G-HELV served with the Swiss Air Force. She is fully airworthy and will have a current completed annual check by 31st August.

Airframe Hours: 2,133
Engine Hours: 256
Permit to Fly: Under renewal

The aircraft can be inspected by appointment at Coventry.

Proctor G-AKIU for sale

Percival Proctor G-AKIU

This award-winning restoration by Hornet Aviation was completed in 2012. It's a truly spectacular piece of workmanship that shows relentless attention to detail in every bolt and washer. Completed in 1948, she served as company transport for Rolls-Royce for 24 years. She's airworthy and eligible for passenger operation on an AOC.

Airframe Hours: 2,000
Engine Hours: 39
Annual Check: 23rd April 2016
Airworthiness Review: 30th June 2016

The aircraft can be inspected at Goodwood 12/13 September or by appointment at Coventry.

de Havilland Rapide G-AIDL for sale

de Havilland Rapide G-AIDL

One of the true darlings of our fleet, Delta Lima has proved herself a dependable, lovable classic, delighting hundreds of passengers with her gentle manners. She's a late build, completed in 1946, and a superb commercial proposition for pleasure flying.

Airframe Hours: 5,437
Engine Hours: port - 513 hours, starboard - 207 hours
Annual Check: 18th February 2016
Airworthiness Review: 10th September 2015


The aircraft can be inspected at Goodwood 12/13 September or by appointment at Coventry.

Chipmunk G-APLO for sale

de Havilland Chipmunk G-APLO

Everyone's favourite aerobat, this example, in her striking 8-ball livery, has been a constant favourite with passengers who've taken the rear seat for the true vintage aerobatic experience. G-APLO was built at Hawarden in 1950 and served with the RAF until 1956. In civilian life she trained countless airline pilots, including one Michael Collett, who was to meet her again as owner in 1991.

Airframe Hours: 8,789
Engine Hours: 274
Annual Check: 24th March 2016
Airworthiness Review: 26th March 2016

The aircraft can be inspected at Goodwood 12/13 September or by appointment at Coventry.

Avro Anson G-VROE for sale

Avro Anson G-VROE

Faithful Annie is a dear favourite. She's a post-war C-21 and was built by Avro at Yeadon in 1950. As a late variant, she boasts hydraulically-operated landing gear rather than the hand-cranked system that retracted the wheels when the Anson first flew in 1934.

Airframe Hours: 8,789
Engine Hours: port - 17,168, starboard - 17,148
Annual Check: 11th March 2016
Permit to Fly: 2nd March 2016

The aircraft can be inspected at Goodwood 12/13 September or by appointment at Coventry.