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G-AMSV Returns to Coventry

An old friend returned to Coventry yesterday when G-AMSV, in her striking Indian Air force livery, landed here for extensive maintenance by our engineers. Sierra Victor was part of the Air Altantique fleet here for many years. She'll...

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Baginton Air Pageant

The initial details for the Baginton Air Pageant are up on the website! As we don't have the space for a full-on air show attracting 20,000 or so people, we're aiming for low-key, themed days like this. A couple of thousand people,...

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Newquay Pleasure flights

We promised we'd be back to fly in Cornwall, and here we are. We'll be heading south with a Rapide and Chipmunk to spend a week at Newquay from 25th July, with a further visit planned in August. The flights are bookable in the normal...

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New Dakota Book

Geoff Jones just told me that his new book on the DC-3, released to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Dak's appearance, is now available. The cover sports a lovely shot of G-ANAF, shot by Simon Westwood before her radome goiter was...

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Nimrod Engine Run

We've just confirmed plans by NPT to run all four of the Nimrod's Rolls-Royce Speys on Saturday 9th May. We expect the thunder to start just after lunchtime. Come along and enjoy some audio power - and please dip into your pockets...

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Geoff Ogden

Geoff Ogden

31/03/2015 21:18:07

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If you are a member and based in Cornwall, you may be wondering what will happen now that Newquay is closing.

Well a group of volunteers are attempting to maintain a facility at St Mawgan, Newquay. We are trying to create funds in order to run this facility this year. A number of the current static aircraft would then remain at Newquay – including the VC10 and BAC 1-11.  We are also currently working on providing pleasure flying.

The new venture would be a separate trust to the current Classic Flight. But current members would be most welcome to use that membership at our new facility.

This is not guaranteed. We are working hard on logistics, and finance.

I will post more information as we develop the process. Please feel free to call us at Newquay – the phone is usually manned until around 1,00pm … ask for me – Geoff and I will explain what we are trying to achieve – and how we hope to do it. Our telephone number is 01637 860717

Sorry I can’t offer more information at this time – things are changing all the time. I am keeping our Classic Air Force Live facebook page updated…

Cheers – hope to see you in Newquay this year. Fingers crossed…


Regards Geoff Ogden

Charles Patchett

19/04/2015 12:33:16

Chaps - I was thinking of organising a flight into St Mawgan for four people - two of us flew Canberras from there. I have just heard that the airfield is closing. Is such a visit still OK and worthwhile and for how long. Appreciate any advice. Charles

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