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Canberra Convoy

Our Canberra T4 arrived from Coventry on Tuesday on board a three-truck convoy. Our apologies to any drivers who had to admire...

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Return to Berlin

As widely reported in the aviation press, we recently sold G-AMRA, our Air Atlantique Dakota to Air Service Berlin...

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Flight bookings can now be made on line using a debit or credit card for flights up until 30th September 2013...

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Another Dakota!

We're delighted to see the new website for RAF Transport Command Memorial....

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As you can appreciate we'd like to get our............

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Jem Shaw

Jem Shaw

30/05/2013 10:01:45

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Good Luck to RAF Transport Command Memorial

We're delighted to see the new website for RAF Transport Command Memorial.  David Patters and Guillaum D'hoore intend to acquire and operate a Dakota for passenger flying as a living tribute to those who flew - and sometimes died - in the dangerous skies into which these fabulous aircraft were born.  It's looking increasingly likely that we'll be able to re-open pleasure flights in our own Daks later this year, so it's tremendous news to know that there'll be another opportunity to sample a unique flying machine here in the UK.

Guys, we wish you the very best of luck and applaud your aims.  Always remember that we're here to help if you ever need us.

Kath Tucker

18/06/2013 08:55:17

I flew in a Dakota on one of the last passenger flights from Coventry Airport in 2008 and it would be great to see one of these iconic aircraft carrying passengers again. I would certainly like to fly in one again.

Jem Shaw

18/06/2013 09:49:27

Here's hoping, Kath! The CAA have been very supportive of our case for an exemption from the crippling and irrelevant EASA regulation changes that require us to fit oxygen, exit chutes and a bullet-proof flight deck door! We're hopeful of having the Daks back on line for passenger flying as soon as this year

Sean Taylor

31/07/2013 11:48:50

I was a passenger on that last DC3 flight at Coventry and stood forlorn with a glass of fizz "celebrating" the end,I would love another glass and sstand at Newquay to celebrate a new beginning !!!

Jem Shaw

31/07/2013 13:08:49

It's always sad to see an old friend leave, Sean, but let's not forget that G-AMRA's departure keeps her flying as well as helping us to get the Twin Pin back in the air - along with our other two Daks! We're even hoping to bring G-ANAF back to passenger status in the Autumn.

Robert Dedman

31/07/2013 17:37:53

Great news that I may be able to fly in a "Dak" again, my favourite plane.I have great memories of good friday 2008 bouncing around the skies of Coventry dodging snow squalls!

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