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Rebuilding the Canbe

Judging by the comments we've received, a few people were surprised by the heavyweight measures used to disassemble the Canberra...

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New VC10 Pages

I've finally found the time to build the information pages for the VC10....

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Monster Moves

Just watching Monster Moves on Channel 5 to see our Canberra making its journey to Newquay...

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Good and Bad

So much for summer... The Goodwood Revival this weekend was more about gallons than miles per hour...

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She's Here!

Speaking as one who, I'll admit, has a preference for aeroplanes with propellers (and, ideally, guns), I wasn't among the most...

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Jem Shaw

Jem Shaw

27/09/2013 13:44:02

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New VC10 Pages

I've finally found the time to build the information pages for the VC10.  You'll find them in the aircraft section of the website, or you can jump direct by clicking here. If I've managed (as usual) to include inaccuracies and downright lies, I'm sure I can rely on more informed visitors to correct me!

Eddie Schleising

27/09/2013 19:35:35

This is a great place to visit. The people running the museum from the entrance to the hangar and outside are all keen and enthusiastic, and helpful to visitors. Although in its infancy, I am led to believe they have had more visits than the RAF Museum at Hendon during the period they have been open

Jem Shaw

27/09/2013 21:11:12

Thank you Eddie for those kind words, we do our best! I think we're probably still some way short of Hendon's numbers, but we have big plans. I hope you'll be back to check on our progress.

Robert Olney

30/09/2013 16:41:22

A small correction: On the page headed "Still Queen of the skies". in a reference to the Dams Raid, it states that the raid took place 75 years ago, not 70 years ago, as I believe it should read.

Jem Shaw

30/09/2013 16:48:05

Ah, I was referring to the little-known Dambusters raid that took place in 1938. As we weren't actually at war at the time, this had to be hushed up... I'm not going to get away with this am I?

Thanks Robert, momentary brain-burnout! I've corrected it now.

Thanks very much!

Robert Olney

01/10/2013 16:17:01

Pleasure to be of service, Jem. Robert.

Kyle Greet

03/10/2013 23:30:51

Enlightening information you've got there, although I'm equally pleased as I am in the photo at the top of the page just behind the marshal bringing the aircraft in, I'm in the grey top with my Dad behind in blue, he now thinks he is famous :D

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