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Long way round

It’s funny how things work out isn’t it? Throughout my airline career I’d made sure I continued to build my skills on light airc...

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News Hawks

There's an interesting piece on the Daily Mail website to do with the re-commissioning of 736 Naval Air Squadron to meet the tra...

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3-2-1 G-ZERO

At first glance it's just another American Spam-Can; so why are we displaying a modern touring aircraft alongside our revered cl...

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Becoming the new boy

Being the new pilot on the scene I am eager to start flying everything I can get my hands on. The Chipmunk is the first, and wha...

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Newquay Gets Louder

We'll be making some loud noises on Saturday 19th April when we fire up the BAC 1-11 to give her engines a bit of exercise. Squa...

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Jem Shaw

Jem Shaw

03/03/2014 14:14:37

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This Year's Model

It all started with a kind donation of 350 models by Mrs Pauline Cole. Her husband Barry, who passed away some ten years ago, was a keen and talented model maker. Pauline asked us if we'd like to provide a home for them, and the Classic Air Force Model Collection was born.

We now have well over a thousand models, under the painstaking care of a dedicated group of volunteers, led by John Coley, seen on the right of the picture with his wife Hazel and repair man extraordinaire Dave Horn. They've outgrown their intended home (the models, not Dave, Hazel and John) and so we're building a completely new exhibition centre in Hangar 661.

Roy Williams

27/03/2014 21:38:19

Today we visited the classic aircraft museum with a gentleman in a wheelchair. Unfortunately we did not know that it was not open until April. However we met a gentleman named Jem who gave us a guided tour and explained every aircraft for us. We would like to thank him and to recommend this museum

Jem Shaw

30/03/2014 14:17:58

It was a real pleasure to meet all three of you, Roy. Thank you very much for your kind recommendation, and I hope we'll see you again when we're fully open again!

Al Broadbent

19/04/2014 17:05:32

Wow! The B36 cost $4.1m each. Now the F35 costs $199m each. The B36 was huge, the F35 small. The 4th Captain ever on the B36 was John Allison - was he a forebear of Sir John Allison, I wonder?

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