About our educational programme

Education is one of the principal objectives of Classic Air Force. Our interactive museum is not just about preservation, it is also about inspiring future generations and to make learning about the UK’s rich aviation heritage fun and interesting.

It is our intention to work in conjunction with schools and colleges across the UK, incorporating National Curricular activities and relevant STEM subjects for all age groups. We will be carefully developing a diverse range and series of learning activities and educational programmes.

The main areas of the National Curriculum which Classic Air Force will be able to cover are History and Science.

In addition to National Curriculum subjects, our educational programme also extends to skills for other groups and special interest studies, which include:

  • Cubs and Scouts
  • Air and Army Cadets
  • Clubs
  • Youth groups

Our aim is to provide a fantastic aviation experience and an educational involvement for all age groups and needs, for children and young people as well as for special interest groups.
If you require more information, or you would like to arrange a visit please contact 01637 860717 or e-mail [email protected]

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