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Old and New

The Press Day on Thursday was a busy affair....

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Thanks to everyone who came along to the opening day on Good Friday....

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It's been a fraught few weeks getting ready for our grand opening...

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Photo Opportunities

I've been out and about with the camera, filling up the memory card with...

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DC-3 to fly this PM

It's just been confirmed that we'll be adding a Dakota to this afternoon's...

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Be here when the covers come off!

March 29th is going to be a big day for us, and we'd like you to be there to make it one to remember.

You'll be there for the first day of something very special - something that will become a journey back to when aviation was exciting, when air travel was exotic, and when every aircraft had its own soul and character. There'll be lots to see and do, and some historic arrivals during the day, but it's just a taster of great things to come. Make sure you're here to see them!


Welcome them home

Weather permitting, several of our iconic aircraft will be flying into their new home on the 29th. It's a rare opportunity to experience the thunder of early jets and the gravel rasp of vintage piston engines. The pilots will be mingling with the crowd afterwards to share their experiences and adventures, so bring your camera!


The view from up here

Our pleasure flights start on March 29th, so why not make yourself a VIP for the day and take your seat? There's nothing quite like floating over the beaches in a historic biplane. There's a window seat for everyone, and the views are spectacular.

Click here to book an unforgettable flight.

Heavy metal

The ground forces will be represented by a display of military vehicles. Expect to see an unreasonable number of wheels, attached to several hundred tons of camouflaged iron, a lot of it equipped with guns and owners who can't wait to talk to you about them. 


Even more classics...

You'll see a polished delivery from a beautifully-restored array of classic cars. There'll be representatives from a consortium of Cornwall's best classic car clubs, showing rarities and cherished examples of historic motoring.

And there's more...

We're still adding attractions and events, so there'll be much more going on on the day. Here are a few tasters:

  • Party Karts for the younger children
  • Laser tag for the older kids
  • Fresh crépes, Captain Mawan's Café and home-made burgers

 We're disabled-friendly and committed to providing access and enjoyment to everyone.