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A great new facility at Newquay

2015 will see our base at Newquay move - 100 metres away from Echo to Delta apron -  and the purpose prepared facility of hangar 661 and building 541. We will be able to boast a great display of aircraft - both inside...

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The English Electric Lightning rescued from the scrapyard with the help of our friends at Gateguards UK and the generous cooperation of BAe Systems has moved into the main hangar at Newquay. As you can see from the photograph, there's...

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Lovely to see so many people at Newquay yesterday when we ran our mini air show to round off a great season. Jon Corley put on a series of magnificent displays and the planes seemed to have a great time - the Meteor and Vampire were certainly...

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Back in the Hot Seat

A powerful moment on Wednesday when Meteor veteran Hal Taylor was reunited...

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Vampire and Meteor

Two gold members - Rob Rennie and Doug Johns enjoyed the flight of a lifetime, at the weekend....

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Hunter WV256 returns to Hangar 404

Hunter F4/GA11 WV256 spent years standing out in all weathers, directing people to the DC6 Diner in Coventry. She's been under restoration at Newquay for over a year, and rolled back into the hangar in October. Our sincere thanks go to Akzo Nobel, not only for their kindness in donating authentic paint, but for going the extra mile by training us to do a great spray job.


The Shackleton did an all-engine run that turned out so successful that she went for a little stroll! Everything was working well, pilots Jon Corley and Dave Woods were on hand, the tug was available and ATC were cooperative, so the old girl moved under her own power for the first time in seven years.

It's wonderful to see this magnificent bird coming back to life. The noise of those four Griffons is a fanfare, and the sight of those eight massive propellers flattening the grass is breathtaking. We hope to see her back in the air next year.


Our friends at AirTeamImages paid us a visit at Coventry in mid-May, just in time to see Rapide G-AIDL ("Nettie") head out to Newquay. They chatted with Trevor Bailey about what we're up to at our dear old Airbase and spent some time on board our unique DC-6 Diner. Note to Trevor: if you take your guests to the restaurant when it's open they'll be even more impressed!

Look out for the Union Jack Dak, which we hope will be with us for some time. She's over for a number of D-Day commemorative flights, and it's well worth calling in to Coventry for a glimpse of this magnificent restoration.

There are few things as fragile - or as expensive to repair - as an old aircraft. We have a talented and dedicated team of volunteers and technicians who work tirelessly to restore as many as possible of our charges to airworthiness, and then to keep the rigours of time at bay to keep them flying.

Here's an update on how things are coming along on some of our projects.

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