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Newquay Gets Louder

We'll be making some loud noises on Saturday 19th April when we fire up the BAC 1-11 to give her engines a bit of exercise. Squa...

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Welcome Back!

It was great to re-open the gates of our Coventry Airbase on Saturday....

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We're open

We opened for business at Newquay on Friday. It was a fairly low-key affair...

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This Year's Model

It all started with a kind donation of 350 models by Mrs Pauline Cole. Her husband Barry, who passed away some ten years...

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Sir John's Gemini

While work gets underway on our major restoration of Miles Gemini G-AKDK we're delighted to welcome a flyable version at...

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There are few things as fragile - or as expensive to repair - as an old aircraft. We have a talented and dedicated team of volunteers and technicians who work tirelessly to restore as many as possible of our charges to airworthiness, and then to keep the rigours of time at bay to keep them flying.

Here's an update on how things are coming along on some of our projects.

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This beautiful and rare Miles Gemini twin arrived recently at our restoration centre in Coventry to begin a two-year project to return her to the sky. It's an expensive undertaking for us, but the aircraft was in danger of being lost and so it was our duty to rescue and preserve it.

Please help us to save this aircraft

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