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Back in the Hot Seat

A powerful moment on Wednesday when Meteor veteran Hal Taylor was reunited...

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Vampire and Meteor

Two gold members - Rob Rennie and Doug Johns enjoyed the flight of a lifetime, at the weekend....

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Meteor vs Tempest

A friend just sent me this link and I felt it should be shared with my fellow anoraksics...

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Lt Cdr Pete Sheppard

Every now and then, we get to meet some pretty special people here at Classic Air Force. Today was one of those days....

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Amazing and awsome

The former Omani Air Force jet did a sortie around Cornwall flying at altitudes of 500 - 5000 feet at high speeds....

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Jet Day Saturday 4th October

Three of our beauties will be whistling for their supper on Saturday 4th October when they fire up to prove that, vintage or not, they can still move like airborne greyhounds.

The Vampire T55 and the Jet Provost T3 will provide classic support for the Meteor T7, the world's oldest flyable jet. It's a rare opportunity to see aviation history in full flight, while Minnie, our 525hp mobile water cannon makes lots of noise and localised monsoons on the ground. ...more>

A Minor Celebration

We're looking forward to welcoming the Cornwall Morris Minor Club for their annual rally on 21st September. Come along and see what makes them Britain's favourite affordable classic.

Want to bring your Moggie?

The Club is still accepting bookings for Morris Minor owners who'd like to bring their treasure along. You can book in on the Cornwall Morris Minor Club Website.

If you're looking for a unique gift for someone with a love for vintage aviation, then our flight gift vouchers could be just what you're looking for. Click the link below to see our voucher choices

Buy Gift Vouchers

On the Team

Our friends at AirTeamImages paid us a visit at Coventry in mid-May, just in time to see Rapide G-AIDL ("Nettie") head out to Newquay. They chatted with Trevor Bailey about what we're up to at our dear old Airbase and spent some time on board our unique DC-6 Diner. Note to Trevor: if you take your guests to the restaurant when it's open they'll be even more impressed!

Look out for the Union Jack Dak, which we hope will be with us for some time. She's over for a number of D-Day commemorative flights, and it's well worth calling in to Coventry for a glimpse of this magnificent restoration.

There are few things as fragile - or as expensive to repair - as an old aircraft. We have a talented and dedicated team of volunteers and technicians who work tirelessly to restore as many as possible of our charges to airworthiness, and then to keep the rigours of time at bay to keep them flying.

Here's an update on how things are coming along on some of our projects.

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This beautiful and rare Miles Gemini twin arrived recently at our restoration centre in Coventry to begin a two-year project to return her to the sky. It's an expensive undertaking for us, but the aircraft was in danger of being lost and so it was our duty to rescue and preserve it.

Please help us to save this aircraft

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