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Flying sideways

I snapped this phone photo of Dakota G-ANAF getting airborne at Coventry earlier this week. This was the day when the roads were littered with branches and wheelie bins, so the old girl needed a bootful of rudder to keep her tracking the...

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Membership' information...

Members. If you are a member and based in Cornwall, you may be wondering what will happen now that Newquay is closing. Well a group of volunteers are attempting to maintain a facility at St Mawgan, Newquay. We are trying to create...

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The English Electric Lightning rescued from the scrapyard with the help of our friends at Gateguards UK and the generous cooperation of BAe Systems has moved into the main hangar at Newquay. As you can see from the photograph, there's...

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Lovely to see so many people at Newquay yesterday when we ran our mini air show to round off a great season. Jon Corley put on a series of magnificent displays and the planes seemed to have a great time - the Meteor and Vampire were certainly...

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Back in the Hot Seat

A powerful moment on Wednesday when Meteor veteran Hal Taylor was reunited...

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Geoff Ogden

Geoff Ogden

23/07/2014 17:40:48

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Two gold members enjoy flight of a lifetime

Two gold members - Rob Rennie and Doug Johns enjoyed the flight of a lifetime, at the weekend. They both flew into Newquay from Farnborough in our Meteor T7 and Vampire jets.

Doug had previously  served in 208 squadron - where he first piloted the Meteor fifty seven years ago. After landing - having had the usual celebrity photo shoot with Jon Corley and Dan Griffiths, Doug described the flight quite elegantly as “superb – it’s flying as it should be”


Our other gold member was Rob Rennie. This was Robs first flight in this type of jet. “A fantastic experience” was how Rob described the event. After some great photos Rob and Doug sat down for a coffee with me and explained what a wonderful opportunity it is, to fly in these amazing classics.


More gold members will be flying this week as well, hopefully into RNAS Culdrose for the air show.


If you would like some information on how to become a member of Classic Air Force here is the link on our website 


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