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Back in the Hot Seat

A powerful moment on Wednesday when Meteor veteran Hal Taylor was reunited...

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Lt Cdr Pete Sheppard

Every now and then, we get to meet some pretty special people here at Classic Air Force. Today was one of those days....

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Amazing and awsome

The former Omani Air Force jet did a sortie around Cornwall flying at altitudes of 500 - 5000 feet at high speeds....

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Geoff Ogden

Geoff Ogden

04/07/2014 22:14:23

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Fantastic memories and stories of a true legend

Every now and then, we get to meet some pretty special people here at Classic Air Force. Today was one of those days.

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting Lt Cdr Peter Sheppard AFC and some of his family, Eric and Karl. What an interesting conversation and what inspirational people I have just met.

To write down what Peter has done throughout his aviation career would take a couple of best sellers. BUT

He has piloted our very own Hunter - the very aircraft -(photo attached)
...piloted half of our museum, and...

  • Suffered a catapult failure and fallen off the end of aircraft carrier HMS Indomitable (and swam back to the surface in 11 seconds (although he says it felt like two minutes,) while flying a Sea Fury..
  • Ejected out of a Hunter at 250 feet after engine failure.
  • Ejected out of a Hawk at 10,000 feet after mid air collision
  • Landed a Sea Vixen on a carpet of foam with no undercarriage or hydraulics. This was after he was told to ditch at sea and eject. Peters answer was "done that twice - think I will land on bed of foam this time!"

After the mid air collision with the Hawk the Hawk pilot said to him in the bar at the end of the day " sorry about that"! And continued to have "a couple of pints"

When I asked about our Hunter and what it was like to fly "gentlemanly and beautiful" was the reply.

Peter is aged 82 now. As you would imagine he speaks with a modesty and such a matter of fact way, that only a person of his experience and immense talents can do. What a massive honour to speak today.

I hope Peter will come back and give a talk, telling more people about his amazing stories. If so I will post on here to advise beforehand.

So Peter, Eric and Karl. Come back to see us soon guys. It was great to meet you all today. inspired..


23/07/2014 23:54:05

By the way if anyone visits The War Museum at Davidstow Moor Airfield the Nose Cone of the Hawk he baled out of, is there. I believe he baled out over Bideford bay, will have to ask him again. Haven't been down for a while as have had two cataract ops and a spinal op, but hope to see you soon. colin


06/08/2014 12:53:22

Lt Cdr Sheppard was the Senior Naval officer on an RAF squadron flying Canberras from an airfield where I completed my first tour as an air traffic controller. I remember him as a real gentleman and a fantastically experienced and professional aviator.

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