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In Your Dreams

We've been watching the new Thomson Dreamliner coming and going, so I thought I'd mention that I had the chance to test-drive...

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Two-Ship Mission

The Dominie and Faithful Annie are lined up on the apron...

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Flight bookings can now be made on line using a debit or credit card for flights up until 30th September 2013...

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Dreams of Flying

Thomson's new Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been showing its colours around the airfield since yesterday. I confess to marginal...

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Fathers Day Flights now avialble on-line!...

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Jem Shaw

Jem Shaw

11/06/2013 14:39:50

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Anson and Rapide Head Out

The Dominie and Faithful Annie are lined up on the apron ready to fly up to Coventry, where they'll rendezvous with our Meteor T7. All three of them are scheduled to head out to the Netherlands for the Volkel Air Show, where they'll be delighting the crowds with their unique charms.  We'll be seeing the Anson and the Meteor back here in Newquay on 15 June, while Delta Lima will be back in Cornwall on the 17th.

Sandy Mullen

11/06/2013 23:17:16

So, when did the T7 get back from Laarbruch?

Jem Shaw

12/06/2013 09:16:17

Jon brought her back two days after the show. The old girl behaved herself impeccably both in and out, and we had several e-mails from people across Europe who spotted her overhead. We're looking forward to seeing her filling her space inside the hangar!

Sandy Mullen

13/06/2013 13:50:05

Spoke on telephone to Newquay today. T7 still at Laarbruch.??????????? ????????????????????????? Sandy

Jem Shaw

18/06/2013 10:10:12

D'oh! Memo to self: just because you see Jon Corley, it doesn't necessarily mean he's brought the aeroplane with him! WA591 is back home in Coventry now. She has an electrical fault that needs fixing, then she'll be on her way back to Newquay

Andy Palmer

25/06/2013 13:01:07

My wife & I visited on Friday 21st & were lucky enough to watch the Meteor arrive from Coventry, even got a chance to chat to Jon. Loved the museum, exhibits are excellent, everybody very friendly. We spent a few pounds in the shop & café & got reduced rates because we had gift aided our entry fee.

Jem Shaw

25/06/2013 14:12:24

Thank you Andy, always good to hear! Hope to see you both again.

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