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She's Here!

Speaking as one who, I'll admit, has a preference for aeroplanes with propellers (and, ideally, guns), I wasn't among the most...

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Getting Ready

It's already busy at Newquay as we await the arrival of the VC10....

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CAF Goes Large

Our biggest aircraft yet will soon be joining the collection at Newquay...

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Our October pleasure flying schedule has just gone live and now available...

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Now available for a few selected dates in September!...

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Jem Shaw

Jem Shaw

28/08/2013 10:16:24

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Getting Ready for Vicky

It's already looking busy at Newquay as we await the arrival of the VC10. She's expected overhead at 10:30 local time and we're expecting a few low passes before she lands at 11:01. The fire tenders are out to giver her the traditional water arc welcome, and the press and TV are already picking their spots. A good day threatens!

Neill Reardon

28/08/2013 11:49:05

Just watched the VC10 fly over our cottage - what an awesome sight, beautiful aircraft and so good to see it has come to Cornwall for it's final resting place. Well done to the museum for saving these old aircraft for future generations to enjoy.

Andrew Lathey aka ACLVC10


28/08/2013 16:50:55

Was a great day....its great to see shes going to be preserved it great surroundings, thank you.

Mark Franks

28/08/2013 18:53:44

She flew low over my barn what a joy she was lovely to fly on. I spent 11 years with the fleet and few all over the world. Great to see Nick Milikin on spotlight tonight a real gent.

Mark Franks

28/08/2013 19:03:54

Great to see Nick Milikin on spotlight . Spent 11 years on the fleet wonderful memories. ZA147 flew low over my barn on approach runway 30 what a sight and sound of 4 conways. Well done classic for saving aK3 for the nation.

Nick Bitten

29/08/2013 08:03:02

So glad to see you have a VC10--brilliant aircraft, and lovely Conway engines. Will have to come back for a 3rd visit this year.

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