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Rebuilding the Canbe

Judging by the comments we've received, a few people were surprised by the heavyweight measures used to disassemble the Canberra...

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New VC10 Pages

I've finally found the time to build the information pages for the VC10....

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Monster Moves

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Good and Bad

So much for summer... The Goodwood Revival this weekend was more about gallons than miles per hour...

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She's Here!

Speaking as one who, I'll admit, has a preference for aeroplanes with propellers (and, ideally, guns), I wasn't among the most...

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Jem Shaw

Jem Shaw

30/08/2013 09:24:28

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She's Here!

Speaking as one who, I'll admit, has a preference for aeroplanes with propellers (and, ideally, guns),  I wasn't among the most excited of the crowd who assembled to see ZA148 arrive on Wednesday.  Then she floated by, nose-high and hanging out a couple of tennis courts of flap.

A couple more fly-bys, a touch and go and a precision landing later I was a believer.

The crew were movingly emotional about this big-hearted old girl, and I can understand why.  Anyone who believes aircraft are just machines needs to stand inside this one.  If you can't feel the soul then you're a cyborg.

She's parked airside for now while the crews get to work on decommissioning her and making her safe, but you'll be able to get in close in 2-3 weeks' time.  In the meantime she's ready and willing to pose for photographs from the apron.  There'll be a major page update on the website soon, so keep your eyes open.

Thank you to all the people who've added your comments to the previous blog entries for our latest arrival.  She should feel very welcome in her new home.


12/09/2013 23:07:19

Sir George Edwards would be so pleased to see 148 at Newquay,after 51 years and 3 months (25 Sep),his design is still only 2nd to Concorde, his book "Bouncing Bomb to Concorde" is a very interesting read,for the engineers amongst you.28th August was a great day.

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